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Year of foundation of the company, then named VASERIE TREVIGIANE by Piovesan & Zago, with headquarters in Quinto di Treviso (about 30 kms north of Venice, Italy), in an area rich of clay near the Sile River, also used for the production of brick building materials.


Period of booming sales in all the Italian market and, since 1974, also in the U.S.A., Canada and some European countries. Installation of the largest clay “filterpress” plant In Italy, used for the preparation of the best quality industrial terracotta pots available on the market in those years, recognizabile by the smooth velvet surface and the typical light colour. The growing demand encourages the installation of new automatic presses, dryers and kilns, and promotes the introduction of many new models, which place the company among the world leaders of the field and among the first to influence the market trend.


Purchase of the Tuscan factory, then named “TAP” (Terrecotte Artigiane Pavicchia), with headquarters in Trequanda (Siena) Italy, specialized in the production of large pots and decorative items in sizes up to 120 cms diameter. The ownership has the aim of placing the brand “Vaserie Trevigiane” in the top end of the market, paying particular attention in improving the quality and the development of new models, in contrast with the trade policies of other manufacturers. In this period, the company runs 2 factories and employs a total of about 200 workers, with its own fleet of vehicles, equipped with hydrolic lifts, which deliver daily throughout Italy, islands included.


CERAMICA PAGNOSSIN SPA from Treviso, one of the most famous companies in “ceramic dinnerware”, takes over Vaserie Trevigiane, situated only 1 km from its headquarters. The unification of the sales networks and the synergies between the two companies increase their market shares in the best “home & garden” stores around the world. In less than 3 years the “group” doubles its turnover.


“Pagnossin” group is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange with excellent performances.


Pagnossin takes over the most important Italian factory of porcelain dinnerware “RICHARD GINORI 1735 Spa” in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence, Italy), providing further synergies and various business contacts. The presentation of the new light colour terracotta range called “Antiqua”made with a special blend of natural clays,obtains an amazing sales success.


Maximum expansion of the “Pagnossin-Ginori-Vaserie” group with a consolidated yearly turnover equivalent to 100 milion Euro. Vaserie Trevigiane Int. Spa, in the terracotta field alone, reaches a yearly turnover of 12 million Euro, divided as follows : 25% to Italy, 25% to Germany, 25% to North America, 25% to the rest of the world.


The introduction of the Euro and the subsequent weakness of the U.S. Dollar causes the first negative contraction in the markets, never experienced before in the history of the company.


The negative sale trend continues in all the U.S.Dollar reference countries. In the same period, the markets suffer an inflation by poor quality products at low prices coming from Eastern Europe and Asia. The contemporary diffusion of plastic and other new materials cut the market shares of Italian made terracotta pottery. Nevertheless,Vaserie Trevigiane Int. Spa, thanks to its consolidated Italian and European agent network, as well as its widely tested distribution system, successfully begins to import complementary quality products to be able to supply its customers with a vast range of decorative articles for indoors and outdoors, or rather “from the container (pots) to the contents (artificial plants and flowers)”.


RICHARD GINORI 1735 Spa in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence, Italy) takes over Vaserie Trevigiane Int. Spa and together with the CEO of the pottery business, Michele De Felice, who works for the company since 1985, decide to develop in the nearby Trequanda factory a range of “hand-finished” and “hand-made” items, using precious local clays, among which “galestro”. This creates an exclusive niche of “Made in Italy” articles, made to distinguish the “VT.” brand from other industrial and imported products. New investments are completed, among which the installation of a gas-fired kiln of new generation, that allows better firing and important energy saving.


Due to the persistent crisis in the sales of “industrial” pots and the situation of world trade, the Board of Directors decide the gradual shut-down of the factory in Quinto di Treviso and the relocation of all activities to the sole renovated site in Trequanda, including the 50 years know-how and experience in the pottery field. In accordance with the Trade Union Organisations, the workers in Treviso are all found new jobs and/or accompanied to retirement, without creating social unrest to anyone. Furthermore, customers are promptly supplied, thanks to a careful planning of inventories, which meet the requirements needed until the restart of the new production in Toscana.

10 Febbraio 2010

Official date of the start-up of the company in the new headquarters in Trequanda (Siena, Italy), with the change of the name from “Vaserie Trevigiane Int. Spa“ (known as the “V.T.” brand) into: “VASERIE IN TOSCANA Spa” (managing to maintain the “V.T.” trademark). In autumn of the same year, RICHARD GINORI expresses the intention to focus only on its own porcelain core business and selling its affiliated companies.Therefore, to complete the work started many years before, and ready to face another challenge, the CEO Michele De Felice decides to buy the factory in Trequanda, thus making the management more dynamic and fast to follow the rapid changes occurring in the market. As well as the import trade, a “partnership” agreement is reached with FORNACE SILMA SPA in Malo (Vicenza), for the distribution of their industrial items both in Italy, as well as in some foreign countries. Infact, from the central geographic site in Toscana, deliveries can easily reach any part of Italy in a very short time.


Introduction of further new models and improvement in the quality of the clay. During the 2011 summer close, 20,000 m2 of asbestos cement are disposed of, as well as 10,000 m2 of contaminated rockwool, all coming from the roof of the factory, which becomes the site for the installation of a huge photovoltaic plant, operated by Vaserie Energia Srl. In June and August 2012, more photovoltaic pannels are installed on the porches next to the roof and the companies Est Ovest Srl and Isole Srl are founded for their management, both run again by Michele De Felice. Presently, the whole photovoltaic complex promoted by Vaserie in Toscana Spa generates power for 1,300 kw, produces energy for 1,500,000 kw/h yearly, with an average of 4,110 kw/h per day, which supplies the domestic electic-power network. But above all it avoids the yearly release into the atmosphere of 675 tons of Co2, as well as the burning of 256 tons of oil.


The company becomes the subject of a thesis at the University of “Tuscia di Viterbo” in Italy ( Department of Economy of Innovation and Business Strategies and Marketing) with a study on “Environmental Marketing” and is taken as an example of the combination between the production of pottery, expression of ecological flower pots, and the production of renewable energy. Furthermore, to complete the project in view of a true “green marketing” the company builds a lake for the collection of rainwater deriving from the 13,000 m2 solar panel roof.


Introduction of hundreds of new items, from small cachepots and bowls to giant pots and cups up to 115 cms diameter, not least, of a new production for indoor decoration with the “Vintage” and “Wengé” finishes, achievable on all the articles in the range.


Purchase of an olive tree estate, where the company is planning the production of organic olive oil for the distribution on the market, and so confirming its will to enhance the potential of the territory maintaining total respect for the environment.

Finally, “Vaserie in Toscana” continues the ongoing commitment to witness the love for nature and ecology, taking into the houses around the world…
…a production in the sunlight…

November 2016

…work in progress for a never ending project…

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