Terracotta born from the sun…

“The real green marketing is the one which arises when a company and its customers assume a long term view in their economic and social activities, taking into account the fact that natural resources, starting from earth, air and water are not endless, and therefore it is essential that their use be responsible for not prejudicing the rights of the community and of the future generations. In this perspective, what distinguishes a correct practice of green marketing is the pro-active nature: being able to go beyond the obligations of the law or the practice of market standards, in reducing the impact of production activities, by combining economic results with environmental protection. This happens not only by modifying the production processes, but also the product itself with regards to its whole life cycle and by educating the customer to a more responsible use”. (C.A. Pratesi)


Raw Materies

Clay, water, fire: Terracotta!Thanks to our pits of precious Tuscan clays we can boast a production “unique in the world”.



The drying processes with timings that reach even up to 200 hours allow the release of the natural efflorescences of our clays, obtaining a “naturally antiqua” product.



The 70 hour baking cycle with a peak temperature over 1000°C guarantees a superior quality to all our Tuscan clay items and make them “frost resistant”.


Our photovoltaic system data:

20000square meters of asbestos disposed of
4520kilowatt/hour of daily power production
10000meters of discarded rock wool panels
1650gigawatt/hour of total annual power production
13700square meters solar panel roof
675tons of CO2 annual unissued
1400kilowatt solar roof total power
256tons of annual oil not burned
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